Booting Samsung N130 from USB Drive

With Christmas time around again I’ve been doing a bit of the freebie IT support for friends and family that we all seem to do. This time I got well and truly stumped trying to get Windows 7 installed from a USB flash drive on Samsung N130. I used WinToFlash to create the bootable drive as I’ve previously blogged about here.

I couldn’t work out how to get this PC to boot off USB drive, tried selecting the drive with the boot menu and changing the boot device to the USB drive, with no luck. I stumbled upon this post here, where I found my solution. All I had to do was to change the boot order to make all the USB devices appear at the top of the boot order in the BIOS making the hard drive the last device and it worked a treat. Seems pretty odd you need to this, my thoughts would be this is a bug in the bios.

Anyway Netbook is now running a treat with Windows 7, only had to install the Wireless Driver.

One Response to “Booting Samsung N130 from USB Drive”

  1. Dean Ezra Says:

    Hi, Thanks for your reference to my post. Im glad it helped you out.

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