Office 2010 RTM 32bit vs 64bit Versions

As we’re all aware of by now Office 2010 has been released to manufacturing which has it and SharePoint 2010 becoming available to MSDN & TechNet Subscribers. On first impressions this version has been pretty good, I’ve been running the beta client pieces for the last 6+ months. It seems there’s a little confusion that has slipped in with this release though as for the first time we have both 32 and 64 bit versions of this release. If you’re like me and running 64bit OS (Win 7 in my case), because you need more than 4Gb of RAM.

A trap that I found out from Ben Walters presentation at this months MOSSIG meeting was that Microsoft’s recommendation is to use the 32 bit version of Office 2010 even on a 64 bit Operating System, unless the user needs to manipulate large files, which I’m guessing is over 4Gb given that’s the 32 bit memory limit. Another interesting point for this was also that the plug-ins are going to be harder to get in 64 bit which probably a fair point. This little gotcha isn’t very well publicised but I found this line of text “In enterprise environments, the default is to install Office 2010 32-bit on computers that run either 32-bit or 64-bit editions of Windows operating systems. We recommend this option.” which I found within this TechNet article.

Anyway time to uninstall 64 bit and go back to 32 bit.


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