Configuring SQL Report Server 2008 SP1

When configuring a SQL 2008 SP1 reporting server I got this error, “The underlying connection was closed: Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel”  when I trying to view the http://servername/Reports url. This appeared a bit odd as I wasn’t trying to connect via SSL to the site.



Luckily the fix here was an easy one, I simply had to alter the “rsreportserver.config” file and make the following change.


<Add Key="SecureConnectionLevel" Value="2"/>


<Add Key="SecureConnectionLevel" Value="0"/>

Which resolved the issue and displayed the page.



There is more detail on this here. This basically means that this will need to be revisited again when it comes time to enable reporting services out to the web via an SSL.

Creating Win 7 & Server 2008 bootable USB Flash Drive Part 2

A while ago I blogged about installing windows from a USB Flash Drive. Since then I found an awesome tool called WinToFlash which is a point and shoot tool which will automatically create a Bootable USB Flash installation source. Try it out, it’s pretty simple and not only makes bootable copies of the install media, but also does some other cool stuff you can read about here.