Top Link Navigation in WSS

We had an issue where we had developed a internet facing site in WSS for a client with a heavily modified navigation. As everyone probably does, we simply copy and pasted the url from the browser straight into the WSS Navigation, we found we had an strange problem, the highlighting on the top navigation of the WSS wasn’t highlighting correctly. Here are the  lessons learned from this:-

  • DO NOT” to use either full path’s ie “http://mysite/page.aspx” but to instead use a relative path ie “/page.aspx”.
  • “DO NOT” ‘%20’ for spaces, just leave spaces ie “/My%20Home%20Page.aspx” should be entered as “My Home Page.aspx”.
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One Response to “Top Link Navigation in WSS”

  1. Ryan Says:

    Hi Cris,

    Thanks for the post it really helped, however this has now caused a secondary issue – the security trimming on the menus now doesn’t work anymore i.e. if the user doesnt have permission to the site the menu link is still visible (if the user clicks on the site the no permissions layout is rendered)

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