Disabling the Office Live Persistent Pop Up

Ever since I decided to install the Office Live add on, each time I’ve opened Word, Excel etc I’m constantly prompted by this window.

Get Started With Office Live

Today I found a solution to this here. The solution is to add the following registry key, “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\OfficeLive” then Office Live will be able to create the necessary DWORD to make sure it isn’t displayed again.

A more detailed description of the problem can be found here.

Missing in Action

It’s been quite a while since I last posted an entry here. The last few months have been chaotic to say the least, most of my time has been tied up in the “doing” phase of running my own business and delivering project, so hopefully fairly soon it will be the “talking about it” phase. I’ve been involved in quite a few MOSS project of late and can see a pretty healthy pipeline of work through to Christmas, which given the worlds current financial problems, I’m pretty thankful about this. I’ve also been involved in a few Hyper-V roll-outs, which I’ve started writing posts about again once things settle down I’ll post these.

Keep watching this space new posts will be appearing soon.