Missing Details, Thumbnails & Filmstrip views in Picture Libraries

I found a some very strange behaviour on client installation where suddenly the Details, Thumbnails & Filmstrip views had vanished from a Picture Library.

This is the way a picture library usually looks :-


This is the way my picture library is looking now:-


My initial thought was that I’d broken something through the site customisation of the minor Master Page tweaks and some style tweaks, but what when I packaged up the work and deployed to another server I saw that it all worked and appeared to be a server wide issue.

This blog post has confirmed where the issue had come from. The Infrastructure Update for WSS and MOSS  had caused the issue, Microsoft are aware of it and are currently working on a fix, I’ll let you know when I hear more. There is currently no known work around for this issue.

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  1. Carl Meeuwis Says:

    There is a hotfix for this and some other issues at:

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