Send to OneNote Printer Missing in Vista x64 … WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

About a week ago I was trying to demo OneNote to a colleague the killer feature of inserting Documents into OneNote where with my tablet I can scribble on them. Well to my utter disbelief I’ve just found out that this is not Available for any 64 Bit Operating Systems and according to this post, it’s not coming until the release of Office 14 either late next year or early 2010. Over here is the technical reason as to why it’s not available. While I can understand that the 64 bit lower layer does require some major rewrite work, I’ve taken a really quick look at the changes between 2003 and 2007 here. Seriously I think that given the big push for 64 bit OS’s from Microsoft, the priorities seem to have been miscalculated. I do hope that they can have a bit of re-think about their priorities and try to get something available before the Office 14 window.

Given I’ve got 4 Gig of RAM on my PC and the amount of VPC images I need to run, I don’t have any choice except 64 bit to get the maximum speed out of what I need to do, as well as being able to use every last bit of RAM. Luckily I’m carrying around 2 machines, these days and the tablet is 32 bit Vista Business where it works fine. There’s also a work around here, but I haven’t tried myself, either way, I’d probably compare it building a car without a gearbox.

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