I’ve left SDM

A couple of weeks ago I decided the time had come to move on from SDM. Although I’ve enjoyed my time here and got to work with some great people (some again), I was made an offer I couldn’t refuse. I was working through doing this during my last few weeks at Avanade but things didn’t fall into place at the time, but over the past couple of weeks it’s all fallen into place. This one has been a hard call, but sometimes it’s a matter of if don’t try this now I never will so here’s the time to take the chance.

So what am I doing ? I’m going to be a freelance IT Consultant. Initially at least I’ll be doing an interesting contract working in the Information Worker space, which is a space I’ve really enjoyed over the years. I’m also working with an ex-colleague Adam Clark, and he’s set up Sharing Minds, which is a new Technology Consulting company with a focus on Architecture, Governance and of course SharePoint Technology. Adam has some pretty cool idea’s that will soon start filtering out, taking MOSS to the next level. 

I’m going to miss the SDM. It’s has been a pretty good place to work, with an excellent team, but I’m sure I’ll stay connected to everyone through the great community we have in Melbourne.

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