Vista 64 Bit Up and Running

I’m now running a complete 64 bit Vista system on a Dell Latitude D830. Overall it was relatively painless, as it was about 6 months ago the last time I tried. The only problem last time was the ZTE MF322 Telstra NextG Card, as you can see from this site, is unsupported on any 64 Bit Systems which forced me back to 32 Bit Vista. Now I’ve bypassed the need for a dedicated wireless card by just using my trusty Dopod 838 either over the usb cable or bluetooth. Talking of Bluetooth, this almost was a problem, but it appears that there are some fixes in Vista SP1 that dealt with this seamlessly.

The most frustrating part was trying to get the touchpad mouse working correctly. By default the mouse worked in simple mode, with a default driver. If you’re like me and used to the added functionality such as scrolling etc this is really painful. The good news is that although Dell won’t display a driver when you enter either your model or service tag, there is a driver on their website which I found accidentally here.


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