Finally Back on Deck

I’ve finally got around to getting back to my blog. I ended up having the first two weeks of April off after having Renal Colic, better known as kidney stones. Let me tell you the pain was awful. In the 2 weeks I had 4 stays in hospital, 2 procedures, surviving on 4 hourly doses of pain killers.

I actually had 2 stones, the one that was causing all the pain was stuck in my left Ureter and was only 3mm, or around the size of a small piece of fish tank gravel (I know I have it in jar here). This little sucker wasn’t moving at all, the first operation I had was where the surgeon was meant to remove it but for one reason or another couldn’t find it (although I think this had more to do with fact that he did the procedure at 5.30 on Friday afternoon and probably had some dinner reservations, ALLEGEDLY!!!). He instead put in an ureteral stent and the pain from this thing was excruciating. If these things haven’t been outlawed by the Geneva Convention they should be, I ended up insisting that the surgeon remove it or I’d do it myself. This ended up happening on the Tuesday, at the same time as I decided that it was probably time for a second opinion, as this “Urologist” that had been treating me was to put it bluntly a “Cowboy”. I’d managed to get into see another Urologist and he was great. Within a few minutes of seeing him, we’d worked out a proper treatment plan for firstly this initial stone that was close to becoming critical to get removed, but also to stop this happening with the second stone which was still stuck in the kidneys. Funny enough after taking his advice within 2 hours the stone had come out and I was feeling great.

As to what happened with the other stone, well I went in a week ago to have a Lithotripsy done. I was out in 2 hours and other than the effects of the anaesthetics, all went well. Finally a month after this had all started, it was all finally over, funny this was what they should have done in the first place.

If you have to see a Urologist in Melbourne, feel free to ping me to ask who you should see, so you don’t have to go through the circus of un-needed surgery. Stay tuned as I’m going through and I’ve got a lot of post’s that need to be published.

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