Office DevCon Presentation Resources

Thanks to everyone who came along to mine and Adam’s presentations on Saturday. We’re sorry we didn’t get to run the make up session on Site features, due to circumstances out of our control we had to head home just after lunch on Saturday. I’ll try to get a posting up on doing them in the next few days, feel free to ping me with some requests on it. The session was really interactive with heaps of questions coming from the guys in the room which made it really easy to make sure everyone got value from the session. As promised I’m going to give you guys the details on how to get the windows live search webpart working. The best resource I found to this was off Ian Morrish’s blog. I’ll give you a brief rundown on how I did it:-

  1. Get an Live SDK app id from here. You will need a Windows Live ID to get this (ie the same as you use with MSN)
  2. Ian’s webpart is here. This is the webpart that we used in our demonstration on Saturday. It’s a really easy example to use to get something up and running quickly. I’m starting to use this web part as basis to start customization.
  3. Use the app id you got from step 1 and replace the string “ReplaceMe” in the .webpart file.
  4. Upload the webpart in the site webpart gallery and add it to a search page & presto you should have a working live search on your MOSS search page.

I’ve got everyone’s list’s of tools they think are worth looking at and will be playing with them over the next week or so. Stay tuned to this spot.

A big thank you to Graham Seach for getting the oportunity to present at such a great event. If it’s on again next I’d love to head back with a new topic 🙂


2 Responses to “Office DevCon Presentation Resources”

  1. Office Developer Conference 2007 – Live Search Presentation « The Information Worker Says:

    […] Chris has put together a high level run down on the Windows Live Integration we include so you can find details over here. So from top to bottom here are the major points that we covered in our Search […]

  2. Ian Morrish Says:

    Blog URL is not valid because I had to dissable the KCS:EBE because it trashes SPD editing web part pages.

    Instructions with screen shots of how to do it are here

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